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Spirit Days



Thursday​ ​of​ ​every​ ​week​ ​is​ ​College​ ​Shirt/Jersey​ ​Day​ ​ ​unless​ ​there​ ​is​ ​another​ ​Spirit​ ​Dress​ ​Day
scheduled.​ ​ ​All​ ​of​ ​the​ ​following​ ​Spirit​ ​Dress​ ​Days​ ​count​ ​toward​ ​your​ ​4th​ ​period​ ​class​ ​competition

unless​ ​otherwise​ ​specified.


Hats​ ​are​ ​NOT​ ​allowed​ ​as​ ​part​ ​of​ ​these​ ​dress​ ​days​ ​unless​ ​otherwise​ ​specified.


Wear​ ​Red​ ​White​ ​Blue​ ​-​ ​Sep​ ​11
Denim​ ​Day​ ​-​ ​Oct​ ​6

Wear​ ​Pink​ ​Day​ ​(breast​ ​cancer​ ​awareness)​ ​-​ ​Oct​ ​11
Wear​ ​RED​ ​Day​ ​(anti-substance​ ​abuse)​ ​-​ ​Oct​ ​25

Halloween​ ​Costumes​ ​-​ ​Oct​ ​31
Disney​ ​Day​ ​-​ ​Nov​ ​15
Mustache​ ​Day​ ​-​ ​Nov​ ​29
Twin​ ​Day​ ​-​ ​Dec​ ​13(doesn't​ ​count​ ​for​ ​points)
Ugly​ ​Sweater​ ​Day​ ​-​ ​Dec​ ​22
Crazy​ ​Hair​ ​Day​ ​-​ ​Jan​ ​10
Superhero​ ​Day​ ​-​ ​Jan​ ​17
Mismatch​ ​Day​ ​-​ ​Feb​ ​7
Wear​ ​Red,​ ​Pink,​ ​or​ ​Purple​ ​-​ ​Feb​ ​14
Wear​ ​Green​ ​Day​ ​-​ ​March​ ​16
Tie​ ​Dye​ ​Day​ ​-​ ​March​ ​28

Sports​ ​Week​ ​(special​ ​days​ ​Mon,​ ​Wed,​ ​Fri)​ ​-​ ​April​ ​16,​ ​18,​ ​20

Crazy​ ​Hat​ ​Day​ ​-​ ​April​ ​25
Dress​ ​Like​ ​a​ ​Teacher​ ​Day​ ​-​ ​May​ ​9
Beach​ ​/​ ​Hawaiian​ ​Day​ ​-​ ​May​ ​16